Mizen to Malin Day 1: Mizen to Kenmare

Mizen Head to Kenmare: 55 miles


The Group at Mizen Head

We left Mizen Head just before 2 pm and luckily the weather conditions we’re pretty favourable (if anything there was a dead heat in sheltered areas).

Grinding to the top of The Caha Pass

We set a fairly decent pace, and stopped in Durrus, Bantry and finally in Glengarriff. The biggest climb of the day (indeed the week), was the 1000ft, Cat 3 Caha Pass. The scenery was stunning, and even though I settled into a nice pace I was pretty spent at the top. From there into Kenmare it was a nice downhill, and for most of it the road surface was fairly decent.

The B&B (Riverville House ) was very nice and some good food and pints were had in town. Special mention should be given to Margaret at the B&B. While we were some sight when we arrived she gave us some fantastic coffee and cookies, and in the morning the breakfast was simply brilliant.

UPDATED: Since this was the only blog I wrote from the road I thought it was worth just adding in the links to the B&B and the Garmin activity 

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