Mizen to Malin, All Finished!


firstly I was supposed to have kept the blog updated daily, with the plan being at the end to do a proper write-up. But once the iPhone died (it’s still broken actually) that meant I was without technology.

So anywhere, here’s a very quick roundup, I’ll put up posts for each day, along with the links to the Garmin info, B&B sites etc in the next week or so, so keep checking back.

Total miles:  464.86 miles (748 km)

Total climbed: 5825m

Avg Speed: 14.0 mph

Calories: 22317

Guinness Drank: unknown

Guinness for Strength


A one-line summary of the week: simply fantastic!

2 thoughts on “Mizen to Malin, All Finished!

  1. It was simply brilliant, the trip of a lifetime. Still a bit stiff, but definitely a lot fitter than I was at the start of the week. I would really recommend doing at least one trip like this, the challenge was good (I was definitely the least fit), but having great mates really made it special.

    We averaged around 65 a day, 14mph average, which wasn’t bad given we had the bags on the bikes. But at that, we usually weren’t on the road until after 10 and normally finished around 6pm. It would have been nice to have had a day or 2 where we had an extra few hours to relax in the evenings, we normally arrived, straight into the shower and then out for dinner. B&Bs were a great idea. Not sure what hte terrain is like on the coast to coast, but if it’s fairly average 4 days would be a nice pace, not crazy fast, but a bit of effort at the same time.

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